Friday, March 20, 2009

Kids stuff

Hope some of you can join us tomorrow at 2 p.m. as the Okee Dokee Brothers join us for some singing. Check out their website at to get more of an idea of what these two amazing young men are up to.

Also, two long-awaited books have come back into our store.

First, around Christmas, Daniel Pinkwater talked about James Thurber's "13 Clocks" which has come out in a very nice little hardcover package. It was gone forever but is now back. Come see it.

Second, we're happy to report that SAP's very own Susan Marie Swanson and her Caldecott-winning book "The House in the Night" has come back into stock. Copies are flying so top in to pick one up.


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  2. Thirteen Clocks is a great book.
    And I bought my current copy at Micawber's.
    Rock on.