Thursday, January 20, 2011

Local event with national chatter

A week from tomorrow, 1/28/11, we'll be hosting Charles Baxter in the store at 7 p.m. Baxter is hard to classify in one simple way. He's a novelist and short story writer of wide renown. He's also a professor and critic who, for my money, wrote the most thoughtful look at Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom" that I've yet seen. He writes on writing and is the series editor, and a contributor, for Graywolf Press.

"Gryphon" is his newly released book and it contains 23 stories--seven of which are brand new. It was recently reviewed by Joyce Carol Oates and it was a great review, if in her own slanted way.

Baxter is a mentor to countless young writers and represents the Midwest very well with all he does in support of books and writing.

It should be a great event with lots of folks here so do plan to come a bit early or be prepared to stand.


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