Thursday, July 7, 2011

Interesting thoughts on Indies from St. Louis

A rep friend of ours posted this on his Facebook page last week and I read it over and found myself agreeing with it nearly completely. I don't know Jarek Steele but he deals, honestly and fairly to my mind, with the difficult issue of vanity publishing and indie publishing. Many times I've thought about addressing this same issue here but have never figured out a way to find the right tone. Not condescending or sarcastic but true to the real problems almost all of these books cause for bookstores.

Maybe the most interesting piece of the puzzle is the back and forth in the comments section. This is clearly something that lots of people feel strongly about.

In the spirit of celebrating some under the radar indie published books I'll highlight three new titles in my next post and focus on one press, Akashic Books, that is doing very well for itself right now.

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