Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Corpus Libris

Hey Good People: I did decide to return from NYC despite enjoying the Great Lawn, Shake Shack and wonderful public transportation an awful lot. I'll be getting to the winners of the swag in the next couple days(don't get too excited--it's recession swag) but I want to post something real quick and point you to an incredibly fun book blog. http://corpuslibris.blogspot.com/ is a site where they post pictures of people posing with book covers. I submitted one a few weeks back and we'll see if it makes the cut. Sadly, we had a hard time lining it up just right because my face is longer than a cheetah's. Almost, but not quite right.


  1. Congrats, Hans. You made it on Corpus Libris!

  2. (Followed the link, and there you were).