Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where to put all the books?

I'm well aware that people face this question on a regular basis. Build more bookcases? Sell them or give them away? Move to a bigger house? All answers with different problems.

As a bookstore, especially a small one, we need to deal this kind of problem on a regular basis. There is some give and take depending on the season, of course. More books from September-December and then less from January-April/May. The summer season has its own little rhythm.

This fall is an especially wild season of books, as I've mentioned before. We've had to get a little more creative with the positioning of books than normal. Normally, we move books around pretty frequently on the front tables. But this season, this season, is different from any other. There are simply too many books for us to display. So, what he have decided to do, is create another table for new releases. Normally, we have two tables of hardcover new releases--both non-fiction and fiction and one table of new paperback releases.

Now we have four full tables of new books. We also have two shipments of some cheaper books coming in. These books are quality stuff that is either from Europe or books that have come out in paperback.

As I'm speaking, or typing, the MN Twins are tied in the late innings. Go Twins!

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