Saturday, February 6, 2010


You know the feeling that you have when you love something(a band, a restaurant, a city) and you feel like it's a perfect little secret?Then it gets a great review or ends up on the cover of a magazine and you can feel the bubble pop a little. Well, that's how I felt when I was flipping through Vanity Fair a couple weeks ago and saw the little profile on Persephone Books. And despite my initial misgivings, I am very happy to share them with the world. Based in the UK, and that's where a majority of their titles are only available. However, in the past few years they've been slowing rolling out some American titles.

The American editions do not have the famously understated gray jackets. Instead, they have wonderfully evocative jacket art with colors that jump at you. Ultimately, though, the art is just a little bonus. It's the writing and the kind of writing that keeps readers coming back. This mostly historical stuff. Mostly written by women. The magazine piece refers to a "cult following" and we are certainly finding that to be true here.

We're getting all titles as they become available and have a nice little display set up right now. Photo credit goes to super rep Steve Horwitz.

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