Monday, February 21, 2011

Today is a surfing kind of day

Somewhere, I'm sure it is anyhow. Here in St. Paul it's a lazy kind of curl up and read a book kind of day. Or sit on the couch and surf the internets.

The combination of President's Day and over a foot of snow has combined to make several local book folks close their doors for the day. Not us! We are intrepid booksellers and if you decide to make it here before 8 p.m. tonight we will be here.

Here are two quick links to things I've seen lately and enjoyed. The first one I am blatantly stealing from our friends at Magers and Quinn and it's a site run by someone who works at a second-hand store and posts about the things he/she finds in books. Forgotten Bookmarks

The second is a list of the 100 best last lines in novels as compiled by The American Book Review. Here is the link.

When I worked at Rag and Bone--a beloved used store in Mpls.--I found a very cool old German bookmark with an owl at the top. Still have it.

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