Friday, August 26, 2011

Top 50 from America's indies

Or some of them. First, the backstory. About three weeks ago I had a customer ask me for 10 of my Top 100 books. Initially I thought she meant Micawber's all-time bestsellers. When I started plucking books off the shelves she straightened me out, "No, I mean your personal favorites." Well then--now we had a crazy fun task at hand. So it got me to thinking how cool it would be to compile similar lists from other indie booksellers.

I began to call and e-mail some of my friends from other stores and had them recommend one other bookseller and things began to domino. So I thought, why not get the Top 50 from 20 different people/stores? That would be 1,000 books with some crossover. I'm happy to say that the lists have been trickling in and it is a joy to witness. Starting next week I will be posting one of them here and via our Facebook page each day. If all goes as planned we'll have between 15-25 booksellers sharing their favorites. It will cover fifteen states(or more) and vary wildly in age.

This endeavor has been great fun and has put me in contact with both old bookselling friends and many new ones.

So, bookophiles, stay tuned.