Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big, big, Day

This day, friends, is a biggie. It could encapsulate too much. But we have a new president(Ahoy, Obama) and HOPEfully a new outlook on what America can be. The man even reads--from what all reports seem to suggest--widely, of his own free will, and interestingly.

In celebration of this great event, please join us tonight as Daniel Slager(ed. in chief) at Milkweed Editions will be on hand to discuss their new anthology "Fiction on a Stick." Jacey Choy, John Reimringer and Ethan Rutherford will also be here to read from their stories. 7 p.m.

Thus far we've gotten some great response to this here new-fangled blog. Please do keep us posted on what you'd like to see and read and hear from this modest little portion of the electronic world. More than anything else, I want this to end up being a discussion. Not just a place for me to type into some great void.

Until next...

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