Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Sun and the Swimming

Last night, when I got home from the store, I shovelled at my house. Then I walked one block down to our friend's house and did more moving of snow. They're in Puerto Rico on their honeymoon--happy honeymoon Jenny and AC--and while I cursed their good fortune and happy travels I thought to myself, "Where could I be right now?"

Of course this relates to books. Tim O'Brien's "Tomcat in Love" has a character that dreams of going to Fiji. I, too, dream of Fiji today.

In the past we had some trivia questions related to books on our website and the winner would get a $10 gift certificate. I've been thinking about those questions and how they aren't that much fun or that challenging--with Wikipedia(not a citable source but good for info) and Google. So, we're moving to more essay related ?'s. 

My last question was related to holiday giving or receiving book memories. Several entries were memorable, funny or poignant. One, however, stood out. In the next couple days I'll post that entry.

Until then: I dream of Fiji.

Where would you like to be right now?

p.s. Tomcat is nowhere near O'Brien's best novel. Read "The Things They Carried" or "Going After Cacciato" first.


  1. Hans,

    Welcome to blogging through the tubes. This is a great addition, a good medium for regular posts about happenings at Micawber's and literature generally. One suggestion: I'd put the readings at the top rather than the bottom. Also - my vote was the first for Fitzgerald! How stodgy of me.

  2. No one ever talks about "The Nuclear Age," which I think rivals "The Things They Carried" as O'Brien's best work. I've read each of his books at least twice and TNA holds its own IMO. "Tomcat" and "July, July" are probably my least favorite.